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​The story is true; and after struggling 17 years in the building of the resort they loved, in the mountains they loved, losing it in bankruptcy was traumatic. 25 years later, Ron finally learned the "The Secret of Golconda", and after learning the secret, was finally able to tell the world.

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"Fighting Alzheimers"

A Simple Plan

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By Midwesterner on August 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very intriguing look inside the lives of a couple who have lived in a country not their own, and came to love that country as their own. Gives very valuable real-life perspective of what it is like living "south of the border." The author has such an optimistic and enjoyable outlook on life, that you can't help but feel it yourself. This is a very enjoyable read, and will leave you wishing there were more pages to flip to once you reach that last one.


By Amazon Customer "photo cook"on August 20, 2015
Fun and poignant memoir of a wonderful town in central Mexico A cry-for-happy, out of the ordinary, travelogue. 


ByJkirk on August 13, 2015
I have read this book by Mr. Jackson and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good, uplifting read! This is not his first book, and I have loved every one! He has lived every minute that he has written about ... and has made me want to share in those minutes. You will love it.


By L. Freeman on August 17, 2015
Verified Purchase

Contrary to the title, this book presents a most compelling case for retirement in Mexico. The "why not" arose when the Jacksons were forced by circumstances to leave the paradise, and friends, they'd come to know and love. Such occasion causes heart aches that last a very long time. I urge you, through this book, to meet some of the people and see some of the sites that so enriched these ex-expats lives.

Thank you for your book I loved it, I laughed, I cried..at times my heart swelled
so I could scarcely swallow.  

By Matt on September 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
If you are looking for a quick, easy, uplifting, feel-good book to read in one sitting, Ron Jackson’s “Don’t Retire to Mexico” should be your first choice. His style, as evidenced in his first two books, gently pulls you into his world. This is because he is writing about things dear to his heart that he has truly lived. He tells it “like it is” so well that you can feel it.
The book is a collection of vignettes of Ron’s and Ella’s eight year residence in Ajijic, Mexico, culminating in their sudden and all too early departure. It chronicles their adventures and misadventures with the clarity of a photograph and brings the emotion of the situation to the surface like a photograph does – which is not surprising as Ron is a professional photographer. His collection of photo DVD’s of “his” Mexico complements the text of his book in a most uncanny way.
Read the book or view the photos in the DVD’s and you will, through Ron’s eyes and heart, become intimately acquainted with a Mexico that is different from the flashy PR advertising pushing all of the well-known destinations in Mexico. This is a Mexico and a people that you will not soon forget and that will tug at your heart strings long after you finish reading it. As they say, “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll smile deep inside on one page and possibly be sadden beyond belief on the next”. But, believe me when you are finished, I believe you will find the time well spent. This is a book that you will want to go backand read over and over again.

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This book is an amazing testimony of love and faith, ups and downs, fortitude and heartache. You give such truthful stories of Alzheimers disease.
                                                            Rev Rob Morrison  
                                                      Presbyterian Pastor N.J

An Excerpt

Taken From Chapter 11
The Good the Bad the Funny and the Funnier

My part is easy.  Love does!  Love does whatever needs doing, and never complains or thinks it's anything special.  Ella on the other hand, continues to think it is, and still wants to help.  So far, the only job I've found for her is folding the laundry, but thinking that's not enough, she's found what she thinks is a way to thank me, she gives me a tip.  Each time I move her from the couch to the wheelchair and onto the potty, she tips me by releasing one, two or sometimes a series of bursts from somewhere below her waist that I think she considers air fresheners.  So, naturally, every time I get a tip, I race toward the nearest exit, trying to escape the, uh …air fresher.  While attempting my escape, I always stumble a bit, as if maybe I'm drunk, and make some incredibly crazy faces.  Each time I do, my sweet Ella sits there and laughs so hard she almost cries.  Humor, remember, is one of our major weapons in our ongoing battle with Alzheimers, and thus, the reason I do these things.  Besides, it's fun for both of us.  When Ella laughs, I laugh, and we both feel better.  Sometimes I'll tell her I've checked our marriage license, and found it clearly states tipping a spouse is not an approved activity.  Before leaving this subject though, I want you to know, Ella has also lost her ability to smell, which, sadly, makes retribution impossible.  Though I have no proof, or a doctor's diagnosis, I'm convinced this is yet another one of Alzheimers thefts.

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Ron and Ella fell in love with Ajijic, the people, their customs, their home, the fiestas, the restaurants, the climate and the color of Mexico. They intended to spend the rest of their lives in Mexico. So why, after 8 wonderful years, did they find it necessary to return to the states and write this book 6 months later?

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A Golconda Resort and Lake City Colorado, Reunion

Employees, Resort Guests, Lake City Locals and Visitors, reunite to share their stories and memories of the Golconda Resort and Lake City Colorado in the 1970's and 80's

A New Book by Ron Jackson

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        The 2013 Lake Chapala DVD
                        Narration and Music 

If you've read "Don't Retire In Mexico", this DVD will allow you to meet the people, see the flowers, the lake, the cities and towns you read about in the book. The DVD takes you on a year long journey through a typical year in the lives of Expats, living in Mexico. 

Even though we were committed to making the move to Mexico, I was afraid we might soon become bored.  We  knew Ajijic and Lake Chapala were beautiful and knew we'd have lots to see and do, but was there anything else to see. I wasn't  sure. Soon after our arrival in Ajijic, I began asking if there were nearby towns or beaches that were worth visiting. By the end of our first month, I had a list so long it would have taken us the rest of our lives to explore them all...
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"Don't Retire in Mexico"

The Case For and Against