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"Angels in Dark Places!"

CNAs Dealing with Love, Life, Death, and Diapers

Ron and Ella fell in love with Ajijic, the people, their customs, their home, the fiestas, the restaurants, the climate and the color of Mexico. They intended to spend the rest of their lives in Mexico. So why, after 8 wonderful years, did they find it necessary to return to the states and write this book 6 months later?

           Dealing with the “dark places” of life?
C.S. Lewis’ book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has been called dark and ominous and yet the White Witch’s power of “always winter” melts with the roar of Aslan. For children, the dark issues of divorce and death have often been taboo, and yet Mister Rogers talks about these feelings with a caring empathy. 

As adults we may fear the dark places of getting older. But our book, Angels in Dark Places:  CNAs Deal with Love, Life, Death and Diapers!  sheds a bright and a new hope.  Read this book and enter another world, another neighborhood, another universe.   As you enter this new frontier of mission, you will be surprised.  This book,  Angels in Dark Places! will be your guide.   Available now from Amazon.  Step out and confront the darkness with us!     Ron Jackson and “Rev Rob” Morrison.


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The  Lake Chapala DVD       

Narration and Music

If you've read "Don't Retire In Mexico", this DVD will allow you to meet the people, see the flowers, the lake, the cities and towns you read about in the book. The DVD takes you on a year long journey through a typical year in the lives of Expats, living in Mexico. 

Even though we were committed to making the move to Mexico, I was afraid we might soon become bored.  We  knew Ajijic and Lake Chapala were beautiful and knew we'd have lots to see and do, but was there anything else to see. I wasn't  sure. Soon after our arrival in Ajijic, I began asking if there were nearby towns or beaches that were worth visiting. By the end of our first month, I had a list so long it would have taken us the rest of our lives to explore them all...
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As one would look through a kaleidoscope and see the different shapes, colors and glimmers of light, Ron and Rob has seen these images thru their eyes looking into another world. The health industry has its own attraction and wonders. It can be a viewed as perfect if you’re wearing rose colored glasses, but it is Ron and Rob whom tell the truth. It is not perfect.  Many patients seem to fall through the cracks and many workers seem to not notice. In this book Ron and Rob have noticed the people. They noticed the patients who bring a smile to the nurses and CNAs. And they notice the nurses and CNAs bring a smile to the patients. This is when the glimmer of light shines through. Thank you, Ron and Rob, for writing this book and bringing a smile to everyone who reads it.
Jo Gatto LPN Supervisor Jackson NJ.


"Don't Retire in Mexico"

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