You can find hundreds of books, utube shows, articles and blogs about moving to and retiring in Mexico... So why is this book so different. It's not been written to sell you a house, or sell you anything but to show you the Mexico you'll not read about or see on television. It's written to tell you stories about the people who live in Mexico, not just Mexicans, but Americans Canadians and more. It's a book with the testimony of a father who loves his daughter, who is told by doctors, this is the day she will die. The father then kneels beside her bed and prays. "Thank you Father for giving us these wonderful years with our daughter, we love her so much, and know You wouldn't be calling her Home unless You need her for something special, but Father, if possible, could You please give us a few more years with her, please?"

     It's a book about a rug weaver, an ayudante, a household assistant, a plumber,a landlady, children and children's shelters, doctors and hospitals. And to be sure you don't get bored, it's also a travelogue with a twist . 

     After living in Mexico for 8 wonderful years we found ourselves back in the U.S. and living in Florida.  Six months later, realizing we'd paid a high price for having lived in Mexico, felt those planning to move should be made aware of the possible consequences. It was then that I began writing, "Don't Retire in Mexico" A case for and against.  

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One of God's Miracles, 6 Years in the Making 

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"Fighting Alzheimers"

A  Simple Plan


A wonderful book. Alzheimer's is so devastating. This was a touching account of the courage, of an on going battle in this couple's life..I wish them well..
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I found reading this book somewhat painful, yet hopeful. My husband has this horrible disease. Ron's plan is a good one, one that gives me some idea of how to make the best of a difficult situation. Their faith in God shines and brings hope. I am glad I read this book as my husband and I begin this journey. Grateful for it...
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

 Anyone with a family member or close friend would benefit from reading it. It is a love story. I also read "Love Does" by Bob Goff. Two inspiring books with good solid advice. A wonderful book. Alzheimer's is so devastating. This was a touching account of the courage, of an on going battle in this couple's life..I wish them well: From Facebook

This is a review from a pre-publication reader
This book, Fighting Alzheimers, is a compelling and heartfelt story.  I don't mind saying that it brought tears to my eyes a couple times.  Ron did a wonderful job sharing the moments and documenting the love he and his wife share.  I appreciate how he captured the challenges, the sadness and the funny moments and how he copes with it all. I really appreciate those moments and I loved the bedtime ritual.  While amazingly difficult, Ron should take great pride in how he handles his self and his love of Ella. I believe that he cares, and the manner of his care, is what allows him to have those unique conversations with her, as if there were no disease at all. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a good story for those just entering the journey Ron and his wife are experiencing, and others who are just moved by a compelling heartfelt story.

                                                             Kurt Goebel,  Geologist,  Las Vegas,  Nevada

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First impression

Arriving in April 2006 I was disappointed in the lake. It was considered unsafe for swimming and water sports and a great part of the lake, was clogged with water hyacinth. That took away from the Lakes real beauty. In first searching for a rental most of what we saw was not what I thought would make us very happy. We went to another real estate company and the second house he showed us seemed more than we thought possible to find. We quickly signed the lease. Arriving, I felt that I would be very happy living at Lakeside but had doubts about what else there might be around that we would enjoy traveling and seeing.  I didn’t know that there were mountains, pines, rivers and lakes like we had enjoyed in the states and so many other cities and villages that we would find and enjoy.


This was immediately going to be a winner for us. Imported foods we found were very expensive but similar products made in Mexico were very reasonable. Fruits and Vegetable were really fresh and very cheap. Gas was much cheaper than the U.S. Restaurants were so much cheaper than NOB we couldn’t believe it. Add to that, we found so many great places to eat, we were never without somewhere we wanted to go. Doctors office visits 150 pesos and dental fillings 350 pesos. We found we could live quite comfortably for about $2000 U.S. dollars a month. After the first 6 months we moved to our current home, complete with a beautiful center courtyard filled with flowers and a great tiled swimming pool, 2 brs, 2 baths, internet, satellite television, 2 interior outdoor garden areas, all electric, phone and gas paid, a gardener 3 times a week and a pool maintenance 2 times a week, all included at 900 dollars a month. We could not possibly  match the quality of the life we have in Mexico with the money we have to spend.


 The weather, the area scenery the flowers and flowering trees, the people and their love of life the many choices of things to do, never bored, visits from first family and then friends, our church and the many friends we now have, Mexican Canadian and American  The volunteer work we have been able to do at Amor en Accion, the freedom from stress eating 85% of my meals on our outdoor patio, winter and summer  our home and the comfort both in out outside we enjoy, swimming and exercising by walking on the beautiful new malecon at Ajijic. The rejuvenation of the lake and the removal of all the water hyacinth, the lake is now considered safe for swimming and water sports.  Creating pictorial shows of the things we find here that are uncommon NOB. Traveling and exploring, the mountains, beaches and historic colonial cities and speaking a 2nd language, still learning, the almost windless climate and the very very limted flying insect population. My photography work that has kept us very occupied. Communicating with our kids and grandkids via Skype and the internet and the ability to communicate with friends wherever they live via the technology of the internet. Satelite television with all the U.S. Channels


 graffiti speed bumps, even though I know they save lives, high speed drivers strewn garbage, poor mariachi music, maids that don’t show up, the Denver Broncos losing and learning to find my way around Guadalajara, figuring out how to call Mexican cell phone numbers, not having enough Spanish yet to speak to everyone I would like to speak to, not having enough money to travel to all the many places in Mexico that we have on our list to see.


This has been one of the many highlights and we have yet to travel to any destination that we haven’t completely enjoyed. We also found the mountains, pines and lakes that I was afraid we wouldn’t have in Mexico. 
Four years have passed and hoping for many many more. We have been blessed to live in this amazingly beautiful country

Ron Ella Jackson, while living in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

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"Don't Retire in Mexico" The Case for and Against

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